January 16, 2010





Sawatdii khrap in other words, Hello


Today is the first day... From Tbilisi to Kiev... from Kiev to Bangkok... I landed at 6 o’clock in the morning and before the plane landed the pilot informed us that there were 27 degrees in Bangkok ...

From the Airport I went straight to the Damnoen Saduak  floating market, which is about 100 kilometers from Bangkok.

There is a huge turmoil from 10 to 12 in the morning.  A needle can’t even be dropped in the tourist area :) Though there are more Thai tourists than foreigners


I could find only two hotels on this territory. I settled down in one of them and there is only me in the entire hotel and the employees who keep telling me “No English” with great joy :) It’s very difficult when you have to communicate  only by using body language and not only  at  the hotel...

Perhaps a question can hit your mind here: If there are so many tourists, why aren’t there any hotels? The answer is simple - Because nobody stays here... They just go boating, eat the food prepared on the boats and then their time is over. Then they have to pass ahead to visit at least two or three tourist attractions and go back to Bangkok. I’m so grateful that they have even this hotel :))))


Two more surprises are waiting for me :) One is that there was no telephone to call to Georgia and I found the Internet only after searching for about an hour... I was used to the notices “Hotel”, “Internet”, “Phone” on every step in India... Here you should set your mind on the Thai wave... :)




Mercedes can complain to the Thai cook for illegal use of the design :))))



It doesn’t matter if there are not some things.... What is important is that they have a Terminator and you can take photos with him just for about 1.50 laries and you’ll be happy :)))) P.S. and the Terminator will be happy as well :))))


Tomorrow I’m going to see those places where they don’t expect the tourists and I’ll see the natural life of Thailand... Life is wonderful....



Thailand – Smile Country

The day started with a lot of smiles today ....Consequently, such kind of beginning has positive effect on everything :)))


I recommend to visit Thailand to those who are on a fruit diet :)

Note that a kilo of banana is about 50 tetris !!!


Before spotting the places I had to take care of food.  After trying to explain me for a very long time what kind of bird meat the cook was offering me,  all his tryings were in vain ... However, it was very delicious :))


I’ve walked so much today that I’ve got a sunburn :)
 I got rid of the tourist chaos and went along the streets....
 Here, as a rule, is more interesting and natural atmosphere ....
 I came across this creature :) Which in fact didn’t seem quite cute :))


And these are the inhabitants of one of the rivers...


Some dogs are quite lucky :)))

 The Family bathing


I suppose that I’ll stay in Damnoen Saduak for one more day. The people here left a very positive impression on me. They treat everyone  very kindly. It doesn’t matter whether you are from here or from other country :)))



January, 20



All of you must be interested what is the feeling like when you roll the Python around your neck with your own hands :))) It’s neither light nor slippy, and fortunately not even aggressive :) First of all ask about if it is hungry or not :) Or believe me  it can justify its name :)))



This is the vehicle that can go round the whole town for only 2-3 dollars.




It appeared that there was very interesting  “Elephant Show”...

They dance, they draw, they walk on two feet , they play on the harmonica  and...


They have learned each action by the means of physical pain.... and we all like this and “clap” hands!!!!


And this is the instrument  the elephants are very afraid of...

Even a tiny mistake and it knows that it will be hurt

It appeared a little sad story but this is true ...



I do love this animal


The sun has set..... It got dark.... I thought that the photo-hunting finished... when I suddenly came across these three smiling faces :)))) Neither of them was sober :))


Laugh is their contact language... And not just simple laugh :)) They laughed on every answer so loudly and boisterously that I instinctively accompanied this





I’ll fall asleep soon like this :)))) I’m flying to Chiang Mai” at the first light tomorrow, to the North....



I can’t say that this is an ordinary morning... Today my dream will come true. Consequently, my heart is beating faster... Before arriving to the destination point, they stopped at the so called “Orchid farm”. It’s the perfect place for those who love flowers. It’s very beautiful to see a huge amount of Orchids in one place.


And here they are! – Those who I was looking to see for so many years


“Giraffe woman”




„Long Necks“


The people of this strange

tribe are called so ...



They are refugees, live in Myanmar and now have moved to the North of Thailand


It’s the hottest village... The houses are built of bamboo and straw.... Only the exclamations of children who were smudged by the soil disturbed the strange silence.... It’s morning in the Long-Neck village....


Knitting and making some souvenirs to catch the eyes of tourists is their main activity ...


Men work very hard... In other words, they roll threads and sing :)


This little girl will be added a ring on her neck every year and will walk with pride... with her head raised high... And even if she wanted to, she couldn’t bend down her head.



After travelling about 30 minutes from the long-necked village, I appeared in the radically different world... the “Buddha Cave” which is 2.5. kilometers long...



And the temperature was also different...It was quite cool and as you moved towards the depth it was impossible to find the Oxygen


The native monks come to this cave for the meditation.


The village of “Lisu” tribe appeared to be the crown of today :)




It seems quite difficult to get married in this tribe. ... As I was told this woman dressed in white is still living with the hope that she will one day find her “destiny” :))) Definitely !


And this lady shows everyone her silver handcuffs with great proud... Which is the proof that SHE IS MARRIED!!! :))))



It was really the day full of emotions... many portraits have settled down in my private gallery :) I’ll stay in  Chiang Mai for one more week as this town is very suitable for me  :))


January, 25

...... Chiang Mai..... Chiang Rai....... Laos

It started raining yesterday... The weather can change very quickly here and it’s very common for the climate here.... the weather changed in a  minute and covered everything with water. ..

I have a long way today and good weather would suit me better...

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and the sky is still covered with clouds... I went out for a snack half asleep... I heard the monotonous sound of pray... The monks go out to town at the dawn and ask for the donation. They are holding a beautiful iron kettles in their hands and pray from door to door...

Of course, I fell asleep in the  bus too :))) First Stop – Boiling Fountain! You can boil eggs in this tank in about 5 minutes and you can even make yourself a nice cup of tea during the hard times :))

I wondered how hot it was... So I burnt my fingers :)))) At at last I woke up! :))))) But such a big wakening was waiting for me forwards :)))