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Is it worth buying Canon M50?

Due to my profession, I get asked very often what camera I would recommend to buy. My answer always is-What would you like to shoot? What is your goal, your vision? You choose a camera and lens according to that. People often buy expensive, heavy cameras that end up discouraging them, because different types of cameras require certain knowledge. A camera that’s chosen in the right way always captures precious moments the way you want it.
Project Canon M50 with the goal to test it in various situations was an interesting challenge for me, that ended up being quite an enjoyable experience. You are basically invisible when you work with this camera, it doesn’t get people annoyed which happens mostly when you are holding big equipment. I have to mention a nice feeling of its lightness-400 grams instead of my usual 4 KG camera. It has an easy outline of buttons, a large grip that is molded to the cage and makes it more ergonomic to hold the camera. It has two types of menu-for beginners and for professionals.
Canon M50 also features a new silent shooting scene mode and also offers Eye Detection and touch-and-drag autofocus features that are ideal for photo and video translation. The same features will please Selfie lovers as well – with autofocus and eye/face detector better chance to have a high-quality self-portrait.
Anyone who wants to work on Raw files and give an individual touch to their photos can easily trust this camera. The M50 is the first Canon to use the new CR3 Raw format, which has an updated compression option called C-Raw (compressed full resolution, rather than the downsized 'Small' and 'Medium' Raw formats). This feature will give you a chance to save space on a memory card without compromising the quality. 4K video resolution itself says a lot, you will be sure once you see the quality.
Wish you interesting photo adventures.
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